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High school seniors applying to college

Writers looking to improve their skills

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Vered Strapp

Vered Strapp holds a B.A. in English and American Literature from Harvard University

and an M.A. in English and Comparative Literature from Columbia University.

She taught high school English for fourteen years.

Heading to College?

Write your college application essays with confidence.
your story at the CENTRE 


Taking English?

Personalized guidance and instruction to develop your reading and writing

Our Approach

Our coaching keeps you, the student, at the center of all we do.

We will design an individualized approach that is tailored to your goals and learning style. We value our close relationships with students and families and care deeply about what is best for you.

Personalized Teaching

We give 100% to each student, bringing creativity, spontaneity, and humor to our coaching. Your time with us will be productive and, yes, fun!

We believe that quality learning is meaningful and joyful.

Engagement and Fun

One-on-One Meetings

In one-on-one sessions, we'll have the space and time to focus on your individual needs. Together, we'll determine the length and frequency of meetings based on the scope and pace of your work.

Detailed Feedback

We will carefully review your drafts and share feedback to help you refine and reflect upon your ideas and expression. Our meaningful conversations about your writing will help you focus on your goals and your growth.

What Our Parents & Students Say

"Vered has the ability to straddle the complicated world of supporting both parents and students to achieve a mutually desirable outcome. By helping with college essay writing, she deftly managed and defused the stress, emotions, and any student/parent tensions, honored our student’s deeply moving authentic voice, and nudged the final version toward a more sophisticated, deeper expression of herself. Vered’s warmth, enthusiasm, and optimism were greatly appreciated and reflect the unique gifts she brings to this challenging process.
Heidi L., Parent in MA

"Vered is a master at teaching writing--both creative and analytical. She helped our son discover--and evolve--his authentic writing voice in a manner he found very inspiring. We were thrilled with how much he enjoyed working with her; their sessions were enjoyable, productive, goal oriented and meaningful. We found her parental communication style to be excellent. It was a pleasure working with Vered!"
--Laura J.

“Thank you so much all the guidance and support you gave J. with his college essay writing! You truly helped him take his college essay to another level and taught him so many important and necessary writing skills along the way. Brainstorming, drafting, reflecting, and revising can be tedious tasks, but you somehow made these sessions enjoyable for J. and he always left his time with you feeling excited and inspired to dig deeper and write more. Your ongoing communication and expert knowledge about the college application process was extremely valuable to J. and to us as parents. You certainly helped make a stressful time feel a lot more manageable. Mrs. Strapp, you are a gifted teacher and we are so grateful that J had the opportunity to work with you.”

"Our son was a reluctant writer, struggling with his college essays before he began working with Vered. She developed a strong connection with our son, and he gained confidence as a writer with her enthusiastic support and encouragement. He really enjoyed their sessions, which were a bright spot in an otherwise stressful college application process. He came away from the process with meaningful, authentic essays and admission to his first choice school. He wishes all of his high school English teachers were like Vered!"

"Working with Vered Strapp is about so much more than just the writing process. She has an ability to hone in and draw out your unique voice in a relaxed, fun and supportive way.

My daughter worked with Ms. Strapp on her college essays this past year. With Ms Strapp it’s not just about writing and editing; she helps you tell a greater story about yourself. She keeps you on track and moves things along in an efficient way. She is engaging and really helped guide my daughter to write an essay that reflected her personality and unique qualities.

I think the best way to put it is that Ms. Strapp truly brings more ease, purpose and joy into the entire college application process. My daughter loved working with her and she ended up getting into the college of her dreams."

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