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Taking English?

Meaningful learning happens here.

We Eat, Sleep, and Breathe English

The intensive, individualized teaching we provide puts your learning goals and progress at the heart of all we do. We aim for students to understand, apply, and appreciate the material. Expertly attuned to the verbal skills of high school students and the literary landscape of today's classroom, we are committed to excellence in teaching and learning.

In short, we know English,

and we know English students. 

College Library
College Students

All Learners Welcome

Your learning profile is at the forefront of our work together. The strategies we use and techniques we implement are tailored to the way you learn best. We are highly experienced in serving a diverse community of learners. We move at your pace

so that you feel comfortable and confident.


If you want to improve your writing, or if you're feeling stuck, we're here to help! How do I write an effective essay? How is an essay structured? How do I formulate a strong claim? How do I analyze evidence? How do I pay attention to word choice, syntax, clarity, and...where do those pesky commas go?! Together, we will read your writing aloud and use strategies to help you develop your ear for language. Nothing helps more than practice, patience, and a little guidance from teachers who love this stuff.

Writing Class
A Young Woman Reading a Book


Often, student writers are asked to respond to a text they've read. You are probably responding to a prompt that asks you to think deeply about The Odyssey or The Catcher in the Rye. Understanding the literature is the basis for good writing. In our sessions together, we'll read and discuss the texts that you are writing about. We'll read passages together and ask questions that lead to better comprehension and analysis. For students who desire to work on their reading skills, we provide exciting instruction to make the literature come alive. Why struggle through a scene from Macbeth alone when you can act it out live with us and understand it fully? Literature is our passion, and we want you to

feel inspired.

High Priority FUN

 Our individual coaching sessions might be one-on-one, but by no means do we sacrifice the fun! You have to feel engaged to learn well. You have to feel comfortable. You have to enjoy what you're doing. A great aspect of one-on-one coaching is that you have time to concentrate on yourself and let go of the stresses of your day. 

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Think Deeply, Write Boldly, Learn Fully.

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