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Juniors and Rising Seniors:

College Essay Coaching

that puts your story at the CENTRE 

Finding Your

Consider the meaningful moments in your life that have shaped you. Now more than ever, colleges want to get to know you through application essays that tell a compelling story about who you are. You'll move through the process of brainstorming topics, organizing ideas, revising drafts, and polishing essays that put your best self forward. Your coaching time will be enlightening and even therapeutic as we talk about what matters to you. Our work is tailored to your pace, your goals, and what you hope to get out of this process.


The main essay on the application, known as the Common App essay or college essay, gives you the chance to tell your own story with passion and purpose. In 650 words, you'll describe what happened and how it changed, influenced, challenged, or emboldened you. It takes sensitivity and courage to reflect upon important moments and learn from them. That's the process we'll embark upon together.

and Beyond

Supplemental essays are shorter, college-specific essays that might ask why you want to attend a particular school, which academic interests you plan to pursue, or which Ben and Jerry's ice cream flavor is your favorite (shout out to UVM!). These essays call for creativity, concision, and focus. Along with the extracurricular activities list, they give colleges another opportunity to get to know you. We help students approach and manage these areas of the application.


Meetings with students are highly individualized and tailored to your needs. In our conversations on Zoom, you will share your own experiences as we confer on the best methods to bring those experiences to life on the page. We'll talk about writing technique and look at examples of effective writing. We'll read and reread your writing, discussing next steps for revision with an eye toward strengthening and clarifying your expression. These meetings are relaxed, fun, and personalized according to the pace and frequency that works best for you.

Communication and

Between our Zoom meetings, our virtual door is always open to talk further about your writing. We'll move fluidly between Zoom, email, screen capture clips, and shared documents to exchange detailed feedback. We will make the most of all modes of communication in order to have your questions answered as you write. Our goal is for you to feel supported and cared for, as a writer and as a high school student navigating the obligations of classes, activities, and applications. 

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